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Take a Deep Breath. Anxiety Quote Sticker

Take a Deep Breath. Anxiety Quote Sticker

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Welcome to this take a deep breath anxiety quote sticker.

A cute decorative quote sticker that will colourfully add a slice of motivation your day.

Do you ever notice how how tense your shoulders always feel, all bunched up? Is your jaw tight and your brow drawn in together? Yeah? Then it's time to take a deep breath with me.

Drop your shoulder, relax your facial muscles and your jaw, take a deep breath in through your nose for 4 counts and then let it out through your mouth for 4 counts.

Feel better? Me too.

I designed this sticker to remind myself that something as simple as taking a deep breath or two can literally turn my day around. I popped it on my iPad so when I am work and I feel a bit stressed I take a deep breath and bring myself back to the centre.
Maybe you can too, it's THE perfect reminder.

The Boring bits:

Size: All my stickers are approx 2.5 inches on their longest edge.
Materials: I use a premium matte vinyl sticker paper that is hard wearing and has a beautiful buttery soft feel as standard.
Delivery: UK goes as 2nd class as standard | International post is untracked. Please message me if you would like an upgrade I am always happy to help

Choices of laminate:

Glitter Laminate Overlay:
If you choose matte laminate overlay then your sticker will have a glitter laminate finish which makes the sticker perfect for more hardwearing surfaces such as waterbottles and laptops, this overlay makes the sticker waterproof and long lasting.

No Laminate Overlay:
This option means your sticker will come as standard printed on my matte vinyl sticker paper, this sticker paper is premium and has a lovely buttery feel to it. This option is more suited to people

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