The Okay Doodle Story

At Okay Doodle, we promote self-kindness, mental health and compassionate self-care. That’s why our stationery collections are designed as gentle reminder messages to encourage a calming environment.
We particularly love our stickers for a great addition to any planner, laptop or water bottle - they make a thoughtful and cheery gift for loved ones too!
Okay Doodle Sticker

The best part? Okay Doodle products are affordably priced and made with love, so you can benefit from self-kindness reminders and mental health messages no matter your budget.
99 stickers - okay doodle
Okay Doodle is a successful business due to the team work built with my long-term friend Jodie. Together, we have built a thriving business. Jodie plays a key role in the business, helping with social media management and ensuring that most of the orders are beautifully packaged. Having Jodie around means I am able to focus on the creative aspects of the business, bringing my visions to life through each and every product you see here. Together, we make a dream team, and the business continues to grow and flourish under our joint leadership.
Fun Fact: We lived in the same road as kids, and now we live next door together! We have known each other about 30+ years. Cool huh? 
Meet the team at Okay Doodle