My name is Clare and I am the creator, owner and doodler behind all the art and products you see here on Okay Doodle.
Okay Doodle 
Okay Doodle is completely my baby and was actually born via therapy sessions that I was having for my anxiety many years ago.
The idea was to write down how you feel but instead I started doodling and the rest, as they say, is history. 
Fast forward 4+ years later and I am learning new illustrative techniques daily as I grow my self taught art, as well as creating physcial creations for my store, still tacking my anxious brain every single day as well as a newly diagnosed brain condition too.
I am honest and open about how I manage my mental and physical health alongside my business and family life and update daily on my Instagram. I really hope you enjoy coming a long for the ride with me! 
I recently had the opportunity to seek some help here at Okay Doodle HQ and there was no contest involved because it was clear the woman for the job was my blonde bombshell and best friend Jodie!
Okay Jodie
If you have been a follower of mine for a while you will have noticed her appearance around for a while now but I have taken her on as my assistant now and she heads up the areas that I struggle to keep up with since my health diagnosis - most of your packages are packed by Jode!
She has been absolutely smashing it on scheduling my social media, coming up with fresh ideas for Reels and phototography too!
I hope you'll get to see plenty more of her on video too, as when we are together she really does bring out the best in me. 
Fun Fact: We lived in the same road as kids, and now we live next door together! We have known each other about 30+ years. Cool huh? 
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