Packaging tips for selling wholesale!

Packaging tips for selling wholesale!

When you first start selling wholesale, it can be a whole new world to what you think you know coming from a small business point of view. For example things change when it comes to packaging, the jargon is different and there is so much more paperwork to think about. 
I thought I would pop together a quick cheat sheet on the things I had overlooked when I first started my wholesale shop with Faire and had to quickly either purchase or scramble to get together that became really useful to my packaging game! 


1. An information card. I think this is probably optional but I really wanted something to pop into my parcels that really explained to the shops that my products would be showcased in what my small business was about and who I was. I put together a quick postcard sized graphic that explained it all, and the feedback I've had from retailers has been positive - I feel like this step is a nice way for people who have bought from you to really get a feel for your brand values and also if they are hosting you on their website they may even do a little write up on your brand too! I really like that my info card doubles up as a print for the customer to enjoy too. I get my cards printed with Instant Print. 

2. A document holder. Before wholesale, I always wondered why some of packages came with documents taped to the outside of the box, it always seemed a bit strange to me, however now I feel like part of the gang because I know exactly the reason why. 

If you are going into wholesale and are planning on shipping internationally you will need these document holders because shipping internationally comes with A LOT of paperwork - I'm talking paperwork in the box, on the box and to hand to the courier, so these holders are a must! I get mine here

3. All the packaging! This is where you want to be recycling all the packaging you recieve, I'm talking bubble wrap, packing peanuts, paper inserts, you will need them and they are handy for wholesale - you never really know how big a wholesale order is going to be. I have had orders that will fit in a large letter box but the majority of orders will need a small parcel, and it needs to be secure, so I have been collecting all the excess pacakging from parcels I recieve and popping it in a reusable bag in my office for exactly that reason! 

As for boxes, I grabbed some standard small parcel boxes from Amazon and I had some smaller shoe box style ones like this, already in my home which was handy. 

I also like to reuse boxes as much as I can, so I have started saving boxes from my own purchases to recycle and adding these cute stickers from my shop to let retailers know they have been reused!


4. Packaging the products. As for the products themselves I do tend to treat them like I treat my small business products, I still want my wholesale customer to feel good when they open their parcel so I package my products in tissue paper or cute paper bags and add my personal touches as I usually would. 

For stickers I offer the customer a choice of having them bulk packaged in one backing card with bio cello or individually wrapped and ready to be displayed or sent. - But things like this are definintely personal choice. 


And that's everything! I hope this was helpful if you are starting out on your wholesale adventure or if you were looking for some help. 

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