Is your Cricut is off cutting? - TRY THIS!

Is your Cricut is off cutting? - TRY THIS!

Is your Cricut machine off cutting? 

I feel you, I know the pain, you've calibrated your machine about 20 times, made it through about 20 sheets of sticker paper and are ready to launch your machine out of the window right? I know the pain. 

So for the longest time I gave up trying to make sticker sheets at all. I stuck to my die cuts because the cut was at least somewhere presentable. 

That was until someone passed me a little piece of advice I decided to try that WORKED and now I am going to pass that advice on to you. 

 I can hear you screaming "Tell me what is it Clare!" - So here we go: 

The ONE thing I changed to get my cut looking bob on was the PAPER SIZE SETTING - yep that is it.

I'm going to walk you through it below and then add a little TikTok video too. 

So: In design space you want to make sure before you press print you need to make sure you toggle on the USE SYSTEM DIALOG box - this will bring up your system print settings when you press the print button (it may pop up behind the cricut design space so if you dont see it try minimising your windows to find it)

Is your Cricut is off cutting? - TRY THIS!

Next up you need to select your chosen printer and click on PREFERENCES this will open up the box to change the settings on the print. 

Then - and this is the most important part - you need to select in DOCUMENT SIZE - LETTER - it may be named US LETTER but the sizes will be 8.5 by 11 inches. 

This is the important step, and since I have been using it I have had very little offcutting. 

The reason, I think for this is that Cricut is a US based business, and the registration marks, as you have probably noticed only cut to a certain box size regardless if you are using A4 paper size, this size is 8.5 x 11 inches or US Letter. So even though I personally use A4 size paper I ALWAYS tell my printer I am using Letter and since doing so my cuts have been much better. 

Do I still get off cuts? Absolutely, but that is to be expected, sometimes when I get offcuts now my machine needs calibrating, cleaning or a new mat. Occasionally if I am cutting in low light I will close the lid and get a better cut. 

However the cut rate for me is a major turn around since using this method and I am so happy with it i've ordered a 2nd machine for my office now! 

I hope this helps you out too! Let me know if it works, also a big shoutout to Lankydollstudio on Instagram who gave me this advice originally, it changed my whole game! 

Clare x

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