5 Signs you have High Functioning Anxiety!

5 Signs you have High Functioning Anxiety!

5 signs you have High Functioning Anxiety.

Hello everyone and welcome to the Okay Doodle blog! In todays post we are going to be exploring 5 signs you have High Functioning Anxiety! 

At the end I will share a FREE printable resource for anxiety triggers too so stick around and let's jump right in!


1.You are nice to be around but you people please too much.

  • People-pleasing might not sound all that bad. “What's wrong with being nice to people?” I hear you say.? When your people-pleasing involves you altering words and behaviours for the sake of another person’s feelings or reactions it leads to damaging your own needs by putting other people’s wants first. 
  • This is the empathy trap, where you disregard yourself for the sake of others.

    2. You overthink trivial things that other people probably don't notice.

    Overthinking things is extremely common in most people. Examples include:
    • When you are obsessing over what you should have said or done in a situation.
    • Worrying or comparing yourself to other people you look up to. 
    • Engaging in "what-if" scenarios, where you obsess over what could happen in a variety of different circumstances.
    • Thinking the worst will happen, also known as Catastrophizing.
    • Worrying about having a panic attack unexpectedly.
    • Intrusive, irrational or obsessive thoughts.

    3.     Every mistake you make consumes you and you beat yourself up over it. 

    • This is a part of mental filtering where you tend to ignore (or be oblivious to) positives and focus solely on the negatives. 
    • Ask yourself some alternative questions, such as:
    “Would I talk to a friend like this” 
    “When has being stressed out over something made me feel better?”
    “Does it make sense to beat myself up over something I cannot reverse?”
    “If I am willing to forgive others for their mistakes why can’t I forgive myself?”


    4. You never believe in yourself even though you are capable.

    Remember this...
    You are unique, there is nobody in the world like you. You are different; and that is wonderful and okay! Not everyone is going to understand you but history is often made by people who no one believed in. 

      5. The worst case scenario is always your biggest worry in any situation.

      • Catastrophizing is an unconscious way of thinking that is not realistic and a common anxiety trait. 
      • Here are some ways you can work at changing this way of thinking;
      • Write down your thoughts 
      • Examine evidence: are these thoughts opinions or facts?
      • Try mindfulness, for example; Going for a walk, Meditation, Yoga, Positive affirmations, breathing exercises. 
      • Consider trying cognitive behaviour therapy.


      If you feel like you need help with your anxiety, please consult your doctor. Alternatively you could talk to to Mind Mental Health Charity 

      Please click HERE to get your free anxiety trigger worksheet! 

      I hope this was helpful. 

      Take care

      Love Clare x 

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      This is brilliant, I didn’t know that this was a thing as I always thought having anxiety was more serious than how I feel. But the amount of time and energy I waste on berating myself and worrying about things that will most likely never happen! This is so validating thank you for writing this ❤️


      Oh look, it’s me! 🙋🏻‍♀️ This describes me so well, you could have written it about me specifically… a very well-written blog post Clare 💖


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