10 signs you are an overthinker.. and what to do about it!

10 signs you are an overthinker.. and what to do about it!

10 signs you are an overthinker... and what to do about it!

Everyone is an overthinker, it's quite normal to overthink things from time to time.
But being an overthinker can be a psychological problem linked to anxiety and depression when you can't shut your brain off from overthinking.

Here are 10 signs you might be an overthinker

1. You can't stop worrying
2. You worry about things you cannot control
3. You remind youself of past mistakes.
4. You relive embarrassing moments in your mind over and over.
5. You have difficulty sleeping because you cannot shut off your brain.
6. You ask youself questions like "what if I had done___ differently"
7. You relive past conversations and wish you hadn't said certain things.
8. You spend a lot time thinking about things people said to you wondering if they have a hidden meaning or if they think poorly of you.
9. You worry that people dislike you even though you haven't done anything to them.
10. You dwell on past events and worry about things that have happened - You also worry about the future and things that might happen.

How to deal with overthinking:

Know your triggers - Start to pay attention to the things that make you overthink the most - knowing what triggers your overthinking means you can seek ways to slow the thoughts down.

Learn mindfulness - There are classes, apps, books and many more resources available to help you learn the skills for mindfulness that can help you become more aware of your overthinking and decrease it.

Write things down - A good way to get the things out of your brain is to get it all down on paper. Just noting down the things swirling around inside your head has been proven to help calm your mind.

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Ask for help - There are so many mental health support outlets you can seek help from - click >here< to access a full UK list.

Are you an overthinker? What techniques do you use to help you find a peaceful mind? Let me know. 

Sending strength to you all

Clare x 

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